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Do you know... that the potter wasp larva consumes from 1 to 12 caterpillars as it grows? Click here to find out more...

    Daddy Longlegs
        Black Widow Spider
        Brown Recluse Spider
        Crab Spider
        Funnelweb Spider
        Jumping Spider
        Trap-Door Spider
        Wolf Spider
    Tailless Whipscorpion
        Bumble Bee
        Carpenter Bee
        Digger Bee
        Honey Bee
        Killer Bee
        Leafcutting Bee
        Mason Bee
        Orchid Bee
        Sweat Bee
        Bark Beetle
        Blister Beetle
        Boll Weevil
        Bombardier Beetle
        Carpet Beetle
        Caterpillar Hunter
        Click Beetle
        Ground Beetle
        Japanese Beetle
        June Bug
        Ladybird Beetle
        Leaf Beetle
        Longhorned Beetle
        Metallic Wood Borer
        Rose Chafer
        Stag Beetle
        Tiger Beetle
        Water Beetle
        Assassin Bug
        Bed Bug
        Chinch Bug
        Kissing Bug
        Water Boatman
        Water Bug
        Water Strider
    Butterflies and Moths
        Bee Moth
        Browntail Moth
        Cabbage Butterfly
            Tent Caterpillar
        Cecropia Moth
        Clothes Moth
        Codling Moth
        Emperor Moth
        Gypsy Moth
        Luna Moth
        Monarch Butterfly
        Painted Lady
        Peacock Butterfly
        Red Admiral
        Underwing Moth
        Bee Fly
        Black Fly
        Blow Fly
        Bot Fly
        Cheese Skipper
        Crane Fly
        Flesh Fly
        Fruit Fly
        Gall Midge
        Hessian Fly
        Horse Fly
        House Fly
        Mediterranean Fruit Fly
        Robber Fly
        Sand Fly
    Leaf Insect
    Scale Insects
        Cochineal Insect
        Cuckoo Wasp
        Gall Wasp
        Paper Wasp
        Potter Wasp
        Sphecid Wasp
        Spider Wasp
        Velvet Ant

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